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If you host your website on your own server or use a third party website builder or ecommerce site you can order our forwarding service to redirect a new or existing Domain via DNS Zone (Cname or A record) or via Standard or Frame URL Forwarding.

Our Forwarding package will give you your own cPanel that will permit you to control which method (DNS Zone or URL Forwarding)  and set it according to your needs.


If you plan on getting Email with Forwarding order it on the Email page

Any $0.75/month   NONE


DNS Zone Management:  This is where the target you are forwarding to requires a custom A record to redirect to an IP address or Cname to redirect to a name or subdomain or MX record for forwarding your email to a custom mail exchanger.

URL Forwarding:  Use this feature when you want your domain to map to another domain name ie:  forwards to (or a subdirectory ie:

Standard forwarding - Client types in forwards to and client sees in their browser window.
Frame forwarding - Client types in forwards to but client continues to see in their browser.

What you get:  cPanel setup for  DNS and MX zone management, Standard or Frame URL Forwarding, use of our Master Name Server and our expert 24/7 support to assist you for setting any advanced DNS issues.


Requirements:  You can use a domain name you already own or buy a new one when placing your order.  If using your own domain it must be set to our name servers &  Instructions will be sent upon order.

Upgrades:  You can upgrade to use our Hosting or Email any time and full credit is applied to the difference in price.

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