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Extensive Client Area

Your client area displays News, Network & Server Status, Firewall Status contains Tutorials, Knowledge Base, Tools, Resources, Problem Solver and permits Firewall Self Unblock all without login.  It displays the cPanel & Email Server and Account Portal which do require login.


Online Account Portal

Your Account Portal lets you securely manage your Billing and Orders, View Services, View Support History, Manage your Domain(s), View or Modify your cPanel server credentials or add Authorized Users and assign their permissions.


cPanel® with Clean and Smart® Interface... A Exclusive

We've taken the industries most popular and powerful control panel and supercharged it making it easier to use, more powerful and responsive. 

Standard and Advanced Features of Cpanel

  • Email: Create Email Mailboxes, Forwarders & Auto Responders, Mail Filters, Webmail
  • Files:  Backup Wizard, File Manager, FTP
  • Logs: Web Statistics, Raw Logs, Access Logs, Error Logs, Storage/DB/Bandwidth Usage
  • Databases: Mysql, Php my admin
  • Software: over 200 scripts, Manage Multiple Domains From One Login
  • Advanced: Password Protected Directories, Custom Error Pages, Sub-domains, MX & DNS Zone
cPanel® with Clean and Smart® Interface features
  • Larger Icons & Wider Cleaner Display
  • Manage Multiple Domains From One Login
  • Each Domain has its OWN cPanel
  • No Insecure Addon Domains
  • Tool Tips & Easy Navigation
  • Stealth Frame Forwarding
  • Mail Forwarding Groups 
  • Advanced CAS Anti-Spam System
  • Searchable Inbound Mail Logs
  • Easy Email Black or Whitelisting
  • Spam and RBL Statistics
  • Enhanced Dynamic Help


Drag & Drop Website Builder


All hosting accounts include our super easy to use website builder that you can use to build your site in as little as 10 minutes.  All files are stored within your own server and can be backed up or edited from any web browser.  The builder includes simple Paypal buy it now , photo galleries, embedding of videos , music, maps and social media like facebook.

Its so intuitive you'll be online in no time AND its included with all hosting plans at no charge.  In addition to the base functionality you can link to other software scripts you install using the Script Installer. TRY IT OUT HERE



Automated Script Installer


Hosting accounts include a Script auto installer that allows you to install free software on your server that you can use to create your website or add functionality to an existing website.  The system includes descriptions and demos for each script and lets you install it in seconds without any technical knowledge.

The installer will also will notify you when updates to the scripts are available and can even install the updates allowing your scripts to comply with the latest security patches. The system contains over 200 scripts such as Forums, Blogs, Guestbooks, Shopping Carts, Advanced Analytics all completely FREE.


Proper Security Policies Protect Your Server, Website and You

Properly Configured FirewallYour server is under contant attack by hackers and spammers and we've seen a significant increase in break in attempts over the years.  Our server firewalls are tweaked to insure maximum security while permitting you normal usage.

Properly Secured Servers Our Servers are configured for maximum security and all unused ports and services as well as direct ssh is disabled. Three layers of mod_security rules, brute force detection and a custom compiled linux kernel with dedicated ram to insure stability against resource depletion under attack.

All Passwords Are Encrypted:  For maximum security All Critical Logins & Passwords, Personal Information and Credit Card Information is fully encrypted prior to storage in our Account or Server Systems.

Malware Scans and Anti-Virus:  All hosting accounts are regularly scanned for Malware (malicious software) and Email is Scanned for Viruses prior to delivery or sending. Other firms charge extra for this we feel its irresponsible not to insure our customers are protected.

Customer Security Policies:  We will not issue passwords or logins via live chat or over the phone and where necessary only via secure email in a way that after you receive it you can change it so even our staff won't know it.  Our Account Portal insures you can assign access permissions to only those individuals you want to be authorized for your account.

Secured Connections:  All Server & Account System logins are over 256bit Secure Socket Connection.


Privacy Policy:  We maintain a strict privacy policy and will not give out your information to third parties or confirm it with unknown inquiries without your prior consent.


 Professional Spam Filtering & Email Tracking
          "Email is the life blood of modern communication"

Lowesthosting provides Business Grade Email Service that is reliable, stable, fast and easy to use WITHOUT charging extra per mailbox fees for "premium" mail filtering.

Because 70-90% of all email hitting your email server is Spam or Junk we have developed tools to insure you get mail from those you want and don't waste your time sorting and deleting junk mail from those you don't.

For Outgoing Email: We monitor all mail server IP's for reputation and RBL status every few seconds to insure our IP is clean and if it ever did get on an rbl we auto switch it.  We also use techniques such as SPF and Domain Keys to help identify your mail server server to make its mail more deliverable. Strict outbound mail rate and RFC compliance policies insure your email is processed within milliseconds and not stuck behind a large mail queue awaiting delivery. 

For Incoming Email: Our custom Spam-Assassin Anti Spam Filtering System incorporates Bayes spam Classifier and custom rules to reject mail from servers that don't properly identify themselves in compliance with RFC industry standards. In addition we compare all inbound emails against multiple Real Time Black Lists (RBL's) to identify and reject email from known spam sources which significantly reduces spam.

Our Custom Spam and RBL Interface within our CAS® theme makes it easy for you to manage your mail server filter sensitivity and actions once spam is detected. New Custom Filters permit you to Whitelist emails you never want blocked and Blacklist stubborn emails that get past the normal filters by email address, Mail Server IP, Subject Key Word or Mail Body Key word or Phrase.



Inbound Mail Statistics

Use the inbound mail statistics let you gauge how effective your spam filter settings are set. 

Searchable Mail Logs

This innovation allows you to view all email received by your server so you can verify if email was sent to you and when it was accepted or if rejected and the reason and source details. No more guessing if someone sent you email or why you didn't get it.


Powerful Modern Hardware

We use the latest Dell & Supermicro enterprise grade 8 core 3+ Ghz servers running massive 32 gb of ram and Dual 2TB hot swap Raid 1 mirrored hard drives over Gigabit ports permitting improved performance and hardware resiliency. Redundant raid hard drives means we use twice as much space to store each bit of data but adds a layer of redundancy should a hard drive fail your server will continue to operate normally.



State Of The Art Data Center & Network Infrastructure

Lowesthosting has partnered with Colo4 in Dallas TX as our primary Datacenter to Locate our servers and switching network. This premiere multi-million dollar facility is SSAE 16 and SAS70 Type II Audited giving it the highest security rating and capable of handling the worst natural disasters.

The facility has fully redundant N+2 Power with Diesel Generator Backup and Biometric security.

The Datacenter is centrally located minimizing the number of hops to improving access time and utilizes multiple feeds from diverse carriers.   Intelligent Internap Flow Control Routing Platform identifies the absolute fastest route across Internet backbones, improving performance 15 to 25 percent.

• True BGP with intelligent routing  • Multi-homed, carrier neutral • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections from all providers, minimizing congestion. • 12 on-net providers with dual fiber entrances  (Level 3 , AT&T, Xo, CentruyLink, Time Warner, Cogent, Zayo, Fiberlight, TW Telecom, Reliance, Inner City Fibernet)  Lowesthosting manages its own Arin Registered Class C IP space


Central Name Servers

We operate our own geographically diverse Central Name Servers that are fully IPV4 & IPV6 capable which means you only need set your Domain Name Servers one time.  This allows  us to move your site between servers without you having to update your domain or Name Server propagation delays. 



Daily Off Server and Archival Backups Included

Lowesthosting knows how important your website and email files  are and takes data integrity very seriously.  Backups are insurance that should something go wrong we can get your website and email data back online quickly and with minimal disruption.

Because we run Raid (redundant hard drives) its rare that we need to restore an entire server however Raid only mirrors your data and will not protect you against  accidental deletions should you lose or accidentally delete emails, loss of files from malware infection or accidental FTP overwriting or some unknown exploit. 

Most hosts only do limited weekly or monthly backups and backup to the same drive which is very bad policy.  This not only causes load spikes in cpu and disk i/o during backup but is outright dangerous because if the drive fails they lose both your files and their backups.

Lowesthosting is one of the few hosts that not only does daily backups but also remote off server archival backups so your data is stored in two separate locations.   By using 
multiple archival snapshots,  we can roll backwards in time to restore data days or weeks after you realize it was missing or corrupted. 

In addition our off server backup Array is designed as an emergency failover server.  In the event of a major emergency that would normally take many hours to restore, we simply  start up your server in failover mode so we have you back online in under an hour.