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Every client has their own website requirements; there are no one size fits all solutions.

Our primary job is to provide the platform and tools for you or yo
ur webmaster to build your website and you are only limited by your imagination, time, and patience.  


We realize that navigating the many options available can be a daunting task and everyone has different aptitude time and budget level. One person may need a simple family website another an online store and another a project management or membership system.


As a client you have a technology friend in the business who can advise you in areas you may not be aware of, or give you the peace of mind that the method you are planning to implement is the best solution.


Our senior staff has many years experience and we are happy to review your design plan or provide you with suggestions for the best system or combination of systems to meet your needs. 

Before you buy commercial scripting software or hire a programmer or webmaster to build your website or custom application, feel free to submit a design assistance request.  We offer every hosting customer 1 free design consultation per year to help advise you on the best tools and methods that are available to meet your website goals.

Today there are thousands of free or low cost Frameworks, Content Management, Scripts and third party system resources when used alone or in combination wil allow you build an advanced interactive database driven website  for free or very low cost.



1. You must be a customer with a web hosting account.
2. Your request must be via a support ticket in writing and be detailed enough that we can understand your needs.
3. You may request 1 Free Written Design Consultations per hosting account per year 

We require 1-10 days for our staff to research and reply to your request which will depend upon the complexity of your requirement and availability and workload of our senior technical staff.

If you prefer to have us do the same thing as a one on one phone consultation that can be scheduled but is billable at $65/hour. 


Website Solutions:

Equestrian Club Social Network :  Setup a private social network for an equestrian community so they could send private messages, be kept up on the latest horse shows , jumping events , Community forum with live chat between users and moderator approval.

Contractor  Website with Client Portal:  A website that displayed his General Contractor services and an online project portal so his customers could view plans, city and county approvals, changes, material log and submit private messages to their users of their project.


Home Owners Association Member Management:  Site that replaced old front page website so their users could create and manage their own login passwords and only private members could log into the site, system included mailing list for HOA to notify users and private registry so only members could view the other members.


Real Estate Sales:  Real estate agency wanted its own private MLS system that would permit their customers to search for properties by zip code, price or map area, for rentals as well as sales.  We located and installed a free script that did the job without cost or complexity that they could upload their property information online or from laptops in the field.

Printer  questionnaire form:  Printer needed advanced quote forms for his customers and potential customers to get custom quotes by email.  We installed a system and created a custom logo  and setup a few examples and he did the rest and was online in under 48 hours.