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A Domain is where the Registry grants you exclusive rights that will remain yours as long as the domain is renewed and kept current.  All Domain registrations are done in your name and will appear in the public whois directory unless you add domain privacy.

A domain name by itself has no functionality and may be parked for future use.  If you plan to order Hosting or other services you can order them at the same time by going to the applicable page above.  

Specials:  If you plan on getting Hosting it includes your domain for free for the first year.

TLD TYPE REGISTRATION TRANSFER RENEWAL (save up to 22% with longer terms)
.com .net .org .us .me .co $12.95 $12.95   $12.95 5yr / $13.45 4yr / $13.95 3yr / $14.45 2yr / $14.95 1yr
.info $12.49 $12.95   $17.95 5yr / $18.55 4yr / $18.95 3yr / $19.45 2yr / $19.95 1yr
.biz $12.95 $12.95   $16.05 5yr / $16.45 4yr / $17.05 3yr / $17.50 2yr / $17.95 1yr
.ca $19.95 $19.95   $17.95 5yr / $18.55 4yr / $18.95 3yr / $19.45 2yr / $19.95 1yr
Domain Privacy $3.95     Add Domain Privacy to any domain for just .33 cents/month


We can provide you with a new domain or  services for your existing domain as long as you set your domain to our name servers & 

New Domain Search Tips

Choosing a new name can be a challenge that often requires a lot of hard work mixed with creativity and the right tools.  Your goal should always be to get the shortest most memorable name that is not likely to be misspelled or mistyped and ideally has some association with what you do. You can choose any domain that is available as long as it contains alpha, numeric or dashes.


Permitted Characters:  A to Z , Any Number 12345.... or the dash "-"


.Com .Net .Biz What is Best: There are many Top Level Domain (TLD) types based on category or country.  
.Com is for commercial and used in 70% of market and is the most prized since its the one that most people go to out of habit  but as the .com supply gets depleted we are seeing more and more alternate names such as .Net for network and .Org for organization.  If your a United States based firm you can order .US  and any business can order a .Biz as well.

What if your Domain is not available ? In most cases if you are both creative, patient and flexible you will be able to locate an available domain that will work for your needs.  

Variants:  If your chosen name is and you find its taken  try   or
Synonyms:  car = auto = automobile = transport = fleet=  etc.  Try an online synomym engine for ideas
Dashed or numbered: is not availabe try   or
Plural:   when is not try
Slang:  ,
Alternates:  If desired you can switch letter"O" with number "0"  or letter "E" with number "3"  or letter "s" with letter "z"

When buying new domains consider buying mis-spelled and similar sounding names as well as locking up alternate TLDs so your competition doesn't buy the same name with a .net or .us to siphon off your traffic.

Alias Domains

The mistyping of names is very common and if your in a business that is looking for maximum click through results  you may want to order some misspelled domains and point them to your main hosted site to capture extra traffic.

Misspelled Domains:   This happens when there are alternate or phonetic spellings ie: Nite Corporation might choose  but would be wise to get  as well.

Misinterpreted Domains:  Its very common for certain letters to be confused such as lower case L "l" with capitol i "I" or numeric "1"   the letter "O" with the number zero "0" so try to avoid both letters in your domain names. 

Mistyped  Domains:  certain words have a higher incidence of mistyping such as vs .  You use this tool to locate alternate mistyped domains. 

Plural Domains:  If your domain name is singular ie:  then you should strongly consider buying the plural as many users will enter it.  In the same way if you have plural company name ie:  you may also want to the coresponding singular variant.



Transferring Your domain:  If you have hosting or email (or plan to order them) and wish to move your domain from another supplier to Registrar we can do a domain transfer from your existing registrar IF your domain is not within 60 days of new or less than 14 days from expiration, is Unlocked and you can supply a valid EPP transfer code.  Select Transfer Your Domain option when placing your order.

Managing Your Domain:  After registration you can manage your domain registrant and name servers from your Account Portal.

Privacy Option:  By default we register each domain under your default billing profile however you can update it anytime via your Account Portal.  In addition if you wish to obscure your public WHOIS information you can add privacy to your domain at any time for $3.95/year from within your Account Portal.

Name Servers:  Any new domain we provide will be set to our default name servers & and given a fixed parking page.  If you are supplying your own domain for one of our Hosting, Email or Forwarding packages you will need to contact your domain registrar and update them before any services we provide wil work.

Renewals:  We will send you notices 33 days,  30 days, and 7 days prior to expiration and you can choose to renew your domain at any other time as well. 


Domain Names  are custom ordered and non refundable.

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